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List Description
Accounting_Reporting Accounting Reporting List
ACM ACM Student Chapter List
Admiss3 Admissions List
Advisors Academic Advising List
Alumni Alumni Relations List
Alumni-Test Alumni Test List - Brent Nickola
Apply Admissions List (2)
Aprnteachinglists Nursing - APRNteachinglists List
Art Art Department List
Art.History Art History List
Assets University Relations Assets List
Awardsprizesgifts Awards List - Financial Services
Bannerusers Banner Users List
Bookstore Bookstore List
Bsn44 Nursing Bsn44 List
Bsn45 Nursing Bsn45 List
Bsn46 Nursing Bsn46 List
Bsn47 Nursing BSN47 List
Bsn48 Nursing Bsn48 List
Bsn49 Nursing BSN49 List
Bsn50 Nursing BSN50 List
Bsn51 Nursing Bsn51 List
Bsno Nursing BSNO List
Bsnx11 Nursing BSNX11 List
Bsnx12 Nursing BSNx12 List
Bsnx13 Nursing BSNx13 List
Cabinet Executive Officers Human Resources List
Cabinetstaff Chancellor's Cabinet Staff List
Cacbsp Chancellor's CACBSP list
Careers Academic Advising & Career Center List
Cas-Leo-Lecturers College of Arts and Sciences Leo List
Cas-Staff College of Arts & Sciences Staff List
Casadmin CAS Admin List
Casmajors CAS Majors student list
Catalog Registrar's Office Catalog List
Chancellor-Cabinet Chancellor's Cabinet List
Classifieds Items For Sale List
Compstaff English Writing Faculty List
Continuing-Students Chancellor's Continuing Students List
CoreSecurity Public Safety Emergency Notification List
Dbgroup Data Science Research Group at UM, Flint
Deans Human Resources Deans List
Deans.retreat_business Deans Business List
Dim Database Group List
Dnp10 Nursing DNP10 List
Dnp11 Nursing DNP11 List
Dnp5 Nursing DNP5 List
Dnp6 Nursing DNP6 List
Dnp7 Nursing Dnp7 List
Dnp8 Nursing Dnp8 List
Dnp9 Nursing Dnp9 list
Dorkbot Systems Auxiliary List
EarlyChildEd Education Early Childhood List
Earthday EarthDay - 2010
Ececourse Education ECE Course List
Edecourse Education EDECourse List
Edlcourse Education EDLCourse List
Edmstudents Education Students List
Edncourse Education EDN Course List
Edrcourse Education EDRCourse List
Edscourse Education EDS Course List
Edtcourse Education EDTCourse List
Education-Abroad International Education List - Becky Waller
EHS Emergency Health & Safety List
EledStudents Education Student List
EnglishMA English MA Program
Erecruitusers HR E-Recruit Users List
Evaluators Graduation Evaluators List - Registrar's Office
Faculty University Faculty List
Finaid.Resources Financial Aid Resources List
Financial_Aid Financial Aid Office List
Flinttimekeepers Human Resources TimeKeepers List
Frnmnr Foreign Language - FRNMNR list
GCC Nursing Graduate Curriculum Committee
Happenings Campus Events List
Historyclub History Club List
Hlc2019c4 Graduate Programs Sub Commitee List
Honors-Convocation Honors Convocation List
ImageNowUsers Image Now Users List
It_alert ITS Monitoring System List
ITLabSummary ITS - IT Lab Summary (e.g., Zabbix)
ITSummary ITS - IT Summary (e.g., Zabbix)
Je-Processing Accounting Journal Entry List
Leadership Leadership List - Harvey Sherman
Leomembers Human Resources Leo Members List
Lippert-list Communications & Visual Arts List
Mailman List management list
Microsoft ITS - Microsoft List
Mmroc Library - Support - List
MSA Muslim Students' Association
Msn1 Nursing MSN1 List
Msn2 Nursing MSN2 List
Msn3 Nursing MSN3 List
Msn4 Nursing MSN4 List
Msn5 Nursing MSN5 List
Msn6 Nursing MSN6 List
MusicAlumni Music Alumni List - Brent Nickola
Network ITS - Networking List
NFLP1 Nursing NFLP1 List
Non-academic-supervisors-managers HR - Supervisors and Managers list
Nonacademicdirectors HR Non-Academic-Directors List
Nss Network Support Group List
Onlinestudents Blackboard Online Students List
Phhsw14students SHPS - Student List
Pidelta Nursing Pidelta List
Postgrad2 Nursing Post Grad2 List
Postgrad3 Nursing Post Graduate List
Postgrad4 Nursing Postgrad4 List
Postgrad5 Nursing Postgrad5 List
Postgrad6 Nursing Postgrad6 List
Prenursingstudents Pre Nursing Students List
Pride Pride
Pt-entclass13 Physical Therapy Entire Class 2013
Pt-entclass14 Physical Therapy Entering Class 2014
Pt-entclass15 Physicalt Therapy Entering Class 2015
Pt-entclass16 Physical Therapy Entering Class 2016
Pt-entclass17 Physical Therapy Entering Class 2017
Pt-Phd-Students Physical Therapy PHD Students List
PT.Faculty PT - Faculty List
Pt.Staff PT - Staff List
PTHeart_Donors PTHeart Donors - Brent Nickola
Regweb Registrar List
Reservations Reservations - Campus Events List
Rhfrontdesk Residence Hall Front Desk
Rnstudents Nursing Rnstudents List
Sadnews Memorial Service List
Sc-cf-processing Accounting Financial List
Sehs CAS-SEHS-Student-List
Selfstudy2019 Graduate Programs Self Study List
Shps School of Health Professions & Studies List
Shps-Faculty School of Health Professions Studies Faculty
Shps-GovFaculty SHPS - Governing Faculty List
Shps-ProgramDirectors SHPS Program Directors List
Shps-Staff SHPS Staff list
Shps-Student-Groups SHPS Student Groups
Sna Student Nurses Association
Snaboard Nursing SNA Board List
Som CAS-SOM-Student-List
SOM-Internship Mailing list for Internships
Spnmnr Foreign Language - SPNMNR list
Staff_Assembly University Staff List
Steering Steering Committee List
Student-Housing Student Housing List
Student_Accounts Inactive Student Account List
Sys Systems Group List
Systems ITS - Systems List
Tech Technology Committee List
Theater-Alumni Alumni Theater Majors
Tk20help Education TK20 List
Transcripts Registrar Transcript Request List
UAN University Advisor Network
Ugstudents UnderGraduate Students List
Um-Flint-Teach Alumni Email Digest
Umf_fac_staff University Business List
Umf_finrpt_deans_dir_admin Deans-Directors Administration List
Umf_Students Student Mail DIgest
Umflintnursingalum Nursing Alumni List
Umflintsnp Student Nurse Practitioner Association List
Useradvocate UM-Flint User Advocate Committee
Vdi-List VDI Problem List
Viscom Visual Communications List
Web ITS WebMaster List
Webfocususers Webfocus User Group List
Wec Women's Educational Center
Wireless Housing Wired Request List

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